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Laboratory of Plantation Science & Technology

The Laboratory of Plantation Science and Technology consists of Crop Care and Improvement, and Precision Agriculture and Automation. These labs will not only play important roles in teaching and research, but will also focus on industrial networking and consultation since the labs will directly cater the needs of plantation industry.

Crop Care and Improvement lab, for instance, will conduct researches related to sustainable plantation production and main challenges faced by the palm oil industry players such as greenhouse gases, pest and disease control, fertilization, soil quality an and water supply. System biology approach together with functional genomics and precise genetic manipulation will be used for crop improvement and production of biotechnology-based crop management tools. The lab will accommodate latest equipment for greenhouse gases studies such as 3D sonic anemometer and greenhouse gasses analyzer that are capable of collecting short term data.

Precision Agriculture and Automation lab, on the other hand, will focus on teaching and research employing geospatial technologies such as remote sensing images, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), proximal and remote sensors and geospatial modelling that eventually aim to promote efficient plantation management. The automation component of this lab will focus on reducing reliance on foreign labors through mechanization programs for fertilization and harvesting. The lab is expected to be equipped with high capability spatial computing workstation, geospatial and automation software, Global Navigation Satellite System receivers, proximal sensors and machineries with electronic sensors.

Updated:: 04/06/2018 [ainzubaidah]