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IPS Laboratory Safety Rules & Orientation Session

October 21 - Institute of Plantation Studies (IPS) organized a briefing session on laboratory safety rules and orientation for all registered students under IPS. The briefing was presented by Mrs. Nazlia Girun, Science Officer of IPS.

The program was started with an introduction to the top management, research officers, associate researchers and laboratory staff of IPS.

In this program, students were exposed to safety information including explanation on basic safety rules in the laboratory, booking procedures for laboratory and equipment, handling of chemicals and chemical waste, operating procedure of the fume hood, wearing an appropriate personal protective equipment as well as action to be taken in the case of an accident in the laboratory.

There was also a video sharing on how to use the emergency shower and emergency eye wash, fire extinguishers and how to safely remove disposable gloves.

At the end of the program, students were taken to visit all the laboratories in IPS.






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