Putra Plantation Forum Series 13
Wednesday, 30 Aug 2023

EKSA-IKP Recognition Program 2023
Wednesday, 30 Aug 2023

Course on Soil Identification and Classification Series 1/2023
Tuesday, 29 Aug 2023

Discussion on research collaboration between IKP and MCB
Monday, 31 Jul 2023

Re-appointment of Deputy Director and Head of Laboratories, Institute of Plantation Studies (IKP), UPM
Monday, 31 Jul 2023

Workshop on Production of Compost & Organic Nutrient
Monday, 31 Jul 2023

Research Officer From IKP Received SEARCA Sponsorship for Presenting Research Paper in Chiang Mai
Wednesday, 28 Jun 2023

Wednesday, 28 Jun 2023

Technical Visit to Applied Agricultural Resources Sdn. Bhd. (AAR)
Wednesday, 28 Jun 2023

IKP EKSA Implementation Committee Visit to School of Graduate Studies, UPM
Thursday, 25 May 2023

Mega Raya Aidilfitri 2023 program
Thursday, 25 May 2023

Fellow of Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) 2023
Tuesday, 16 May 2023

Bioagrotech & Biopharmaceutical Employability & Entrepreneurship Special Training (Best 2.0)
Monday, 17 Apr 2023

IKP Research Seminar by Dr. Yasmeen Siddiqui
Monday, 17 Apr 2023

Staff Departure and New Staff Recruitment at Institute of Plantation Studies (IKP), UPM
Monday, 17 Apr 2023

Audit of Occupational Safety and Health (PKK), UPM 2023
Thursday, 30 Mar 2023

Discussion on Food Security Issues with Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed
Thursday, 30 Mar 2023

Visit of the Chairman, University Board of Directors to Institute of Plantation (IKP)
Monday, 27 Mar 2023

IKP’s Researcher sharing the role of Malaysian Agricultural Engineers in the International Event
Monday, 27 Feb 2023

IKP Research Seminar by Dr Soyoye Babatunde Oluwamayokun
Monday, 27 Feb 2023

Research visit to Cocoa Research and Development Centre (Jengka), Malaysian Cocoa Board, Jengka, Pahang
Monday, 27 Feb 2023

IRRDB Special Meeting of the Experts on the Pestalotiopsis Leaf Disease
Wednesday, 11 Jan 2023

Re-appointment of the Director, IKP
Thursday, 05 Jan 2023

Appointment as the new Head, Laboratory of Sustainable Agronomy and Crop Protection (SACP)
Thursday, 05 Jan 2023

Working Visit of IKP to Riset Perkebunan Nusantara (Rpn) and Badan Riset & Inovasi (BRIN), Bogor, Indonesia
Thursday, 05 Jan 2023


Fire Extinguisher Training
Thursday, 29 Dec 2022

IKP was appointed as a strategic partner for PACEIT2022
Wednesday, 28 Dec 2022

Hooding Ceremony, Institute of Plantation Studies, UPM
Wednesday, 28 Dec 2022

Effective and Profitable Small Farming Operation
Monday, 21 Nov 2022

Course on Soil Identification and Classification (Series 1&2)
Monday, 21 Nov 2022

IKP Public Lecture: Mitigation of High Fertilizer Price to Sustain Optimum Growth & Yield of Crops
Monday, 21 Nov 2022

FRGS Grant Recipient
Wednesday, 19 Oct 2022

Appointment of a new Research Fellow
Wednesday, 19 Oct 2022

IKP Research Seminar by Dr Halimatun Saadiah Hafid
Tuesday, 11 Oct 2022

Congratulations to IKP’s Athletes for their Achievements in SUKUM 2022
Friday, 07 Oct 2022

7th Asian PGPR International Conference for Sustainable Agriculture
Monday, 19 Sep 2022

65th Independence Day Run
Monday, 19 Sep 2022

Courtesy Visit to the FGV Holdings Berhad
Monday, 19 Sep 2022

Organizational Empowerment Workshop and Eco-Hiking Greenmetric program
Wednesday, 17 Aug 2022

Mechanization and Robotic Technologies for Cocoa Plantation
Monday, 15 Aug 2022

IKP Research Seminar by Dr. Ezyana Kamal Bahrin
Friday, 12 Aug 2022

The appointment of CEO@IKP, 2022-2024
Friday, 12 Aug 2022

CONGRATULATIONS! - Omnipreneurship Award 2021: Sustainability Branch Finalist
Friday, 12 Aug 2022

Coordination Meeting for Research Study on Oil Palm Smallholders’ Profile, Wellbeing, Business Model, and SDG Achievement in Malaysia-Indonesia
Friday, 12 Aug 2022

IKP Research Seminar by Prof. Datin Dr. Siti Nor Akmar Abdullah
Friday, 29 Jul 2022

Technical visit to Integrated Recycling Facility (IRF), Alam Flora Environmental Solutions Sdn Bhd, Putrajaya
Friday, 29 Jul 2022

Putra Plantation Forum Series 12
Wednesday, 13 Jul 2022

MSSS Dialogue: Sustainable Land Use Management Towards Achieving National Food Security
Wednesday, 29 Jun 2022

Consider This: Food Security (Part 1) - Govt Bypassing The Market?
Thursday, 16 Jun 2022

IKP Research Seminar by Assoc. Prof. Ir Ts. Dr.-Ing Mohd Noriznan Mokhtar
Thursday, 16 Jun 2022

Appointment as a fellow by Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) 2022
Thursday, 16 Jun 2022

Professor Shaufique F Sidique Appointed as MIER Non-Resident Senior Fellow
Wednesday, 08 Jun 2022

Malaysia Technology Expo 2022 (MTE 2022)
Thursday, 02 Jun 2022

Searca Regional Professorial Chair Grant Recipient
Saturday, 28 May 2022

IOI Sustainability Consultation Forum
Tuesday, 24 May 2022

IKP Research Seminar by Prof. Dr. Shaufique Fahmi Ahmad Sidique
Friday, 13 May 2022

Courtesy Visit to International Rubber Research and Development Board (IRRDB)
Thursday, 28 Apr 2022

Courtesy Visit to the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities (MPIC)
Tuesday, 12 Apr 2022

Training on Drone Applications in the Plantation Industry
Tuesday, 12 Apr 2022

Visitation by Industrial Partner MyEdu Group Sdn. Bhd. to IKP
Wednesday, 06 Apr 2022

IKP Research Seminar by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rozita Omar
Thursday, 31 Mar 2022

Working Visit to UPM-Farm Fresh, Industry Centre of Excellence (ICoE)
Wednesday, 16 Mar 2022

IKP Research Seminar by Dr. Erneeza Mohd Hata
Monday, 07 Mar 2022

JICA Malaysia Representative visit to Kemaman Palm Oil Mill
Thursday, 03 Mar 2022

Visit to Next Generation Oil Sdn Bhd.
Thursday, 03 Mar 2022

Workshop on “How To Review A Manuscript”
Monday, 28 Feb 2022

Courtesy visit to Jeli Polytechnic, Kelantan
Monday, 28 Feb 2022

Working visit to Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Big Data (AIBIG), Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK)
Monday, 28 Feb 2022

Appointment as The Director, Institute of Plantation Studies - YBhg. Prof. Dr. Shaufique Fahmi bin Ahmad Sidique
Tuesday, 25 Jan 2022

FRGS Grant Proposal Writing Workshop 2022
Tuesday, 25 Jan 2022

Recognition Of The World’s Top 2% Scientist
Tuesday, 11 Jan 2022


Public Sector Condusive Ecosystem (EKSA) Launching Ceremony at Institute of Plantation Studies (IKP)
Thursday, 23 Dec 2021

Online Briefing: IKP Incident Action Plan
Thursday, 23 Dec 2021

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nolila Mohd Nawi as the new Head Laboratory, Laboratory of Sustainable Agronomy and Crop Protection (SACP).
Monday, 13 Dec 2021

The Organizing of The 1st International Conference on Plantation technology (ICPTech2021)
Thursday, 02 Dec 2021

2021 Top Research Scientists Malaysia Award (TRSM)
Tuesday, 30 Nov 2021

Workshop on Writing Grant Proposal under MOHE for 2022
Tuesday, 02 Nov 2021

IPS Laboratory Safety Rules & Orientation Session
Tuesday, 02 Nov 2021

MOA signing between UPMCS -Lotus Sdn Bhd on IKP consultation project on “Eucalyptus cultivation study”
Tuesday, 26 Oct 2021

Institute of Plantation Studies (IKP) webinar: “Perkongsian Tip Penulisan Artikel di Media Massa”
Thursday, 23 Sep 2021

A Day in the Life of a Research Officer: Responsibility and Challenges
Monday, 20 Sep 2021

Sharing Session on “How to Secure MRC Industry Linkage Fund” by Assoc Prof Ir. Dr. Nadras Othman
Monday, 20 Sep 2021

CONGRATS! Prof. Datin Dr. Siti Nor Akmar Abdullah
Thursday, 09 Sep 2021

IKP Internal Audit
Monday, 06 Sep 2021

Institute of Plantation Studies (IPS) was granted a Regional Conference Award by JICA
Thursday, 02 Sep 2021

International Webinar UB-UPM 2021
Thursday, 02 Sep 2021

Webinar on Research Article Writing Series 2: Manuscript Writing & Publishing
Monday, 30 Aug 2021

A Sharing Session on Securing Industrial Grants by Prof Dato’ Dr. Mohd Ali Hassan
Wednesday, 18 Aug 2021

Briefing on Ekosistem Kondusif Sektor Awam (EKSA
Friday, 02 Jul 2021

MoU between IKP and Skymind Holdings Berhad: A Way Forward for Digital Agriculture
Monday, 28 Jun 2021

Online Short-Course on Spectroscopic Technology Measurement to Research Company
Monday, 28 Jun 2021

Putra Plantation Forum Series 11: Perceiving Palm Oil: Media Framing and Advocacy
Friday, 25 Jun 2021

IKP Postgraduate Study Virtual Open Day
Friday, 25 Jun 2021

Congratulations Professor
Tuesday, 22 Jun 2021

Tahniah YBhg. Prof. Dr. Robiah Yunus
Friday, 04 Jun 2021

UPM 50 Years Golden Jubilee Celebrations
Thursday, 14 Jan 2021

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