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MoU between IKP and Skymind Holdings Berhad: A Way Forward for Digital Agriculture

22nd January – The researchers from Laboratory of Plantation Technology and Mechanization (PSTM), led by Associate Professor Dr. Nazmi Mat Nawi participated in the first on-line meeting with the top management members of Skymind Holdings Berhad. The meeting was hosted by Mr Rafe Azsnal, vice president for growth division of the company.  Skymind Holdings Berhad is the world’s first dedicated artificial intelligent (AI) ecosystem builder, assisting companies and organisations to develop and apply AI technologies in their businesses. The company also provides clients with world-class support and access to open-source tools, as well as global capital funding for promising AI innovation and talent development.

During the meeting, the company expressed its intention to venture into agricultural industry. For that reason, the company sought an engagement and expert advice from researchers in PSTM and UPM as well. As a result of the meeting, both parties agreed to establish a formal agreement for research collaboration through an official Memorandum of understanding (MoU). In June 2021, the MoU was realized and activated with a special focus on providing solution to problems in agriculture and knowledge transfer and information sharing between both parties.



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