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PUTRA Plantation Forum Series 10 : Biorefinery in The New Bioeconomy

Institute of Plantation Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has organized a public lecture, the 10th series from the Putra Plantation Forum Series with the title “Biorefinery in The New Bioeconomy” on 9th December 2020 via an online platform. The public lecture was delivered by a prominent scientist, Professor Dato’ Dr. Mohd Ali Hassan, Head of Biomass and Biorefinery Laboratory, and Head of Environmental Biotechnology Research Group, UPM. He is currently the Chair of the Asian Federation of Biotechnology- Malaysia Chapter and member of Board of Directors, UPM.

He highlighted the benefits of the discovery of suitable technologies to be used in the palm oil industry for the future sustainability of our planet. The focus is on developing green or environmental-friendly technologies with process integration, value-addition and pollution reduction towards a more sustainable future. New microbial biotechnology and bio-based products are developed within an integrated biorefinery to support the emerging bioeconomy, which could generate new industries and additional jobs in rural areas.

The utilisation and value-addition of tropical bioresources and biomass within the palm oil biorefinery for the production of new bio-based products in the new bioeconomy, including bioenergy, biofertilizer and biomaterials could contribute to Malaysia economy. In conclusion, Professor Dato’ Dr. Mohd Ali emphasized that this green initiative addressed all the three pillars of sustainability, i.e. profit, people and planet, to achieve a win-win-win outcome for future sustainability!


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