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Visit to MPOB to Explore Potential Research Collaboration

3 August 2018, Researchers from the Institute of Plantation Studies (IKP), UPM visited Malaysia Palm Oil Board (MPOB) to explore potential research collaboration. The visit was headed by IKP’s Director, Prof Datin Dr Siti Nor Akmar Abdullah. Meanwhile, Dr. Parveez Hj. Ghulam Kadir led the MPOB representatives consisting of Divisional Directors and Heads of Units.

The objectives of the establishment of the IKP in UPM as an institute which focuses on plantation research especially palm oil research were elaborated. This includes the importance of establishing research collaborations with MPOB to carry out impactful research that would benefit Malaysian palm oil industry and for economic generation. Postgraduate studies offered at IKP were also discussed, where IKP can provide opportunities for researchers from MPOB to further their post-graduate education.

The discussion resulted in both parties agreeing to carry out two types of research collaboration:

  • To maximize benefits from the oil germplasm collection where  seven in-house IKP researchers will be involved. A research proposal on "Functional Characterization of Genes with Potential Role in Nutrient Uptake and Defense Response to Ganoderma Infection using MPOB's Oil Palm Germplasm Collection as a Resource for Sequence Variants" prepared by IKP was submitted to MPOB.
  • Collaboration on repository of DNA sequence data where UPM proposed to store sequence data in the MPOB database for the benefits of both parties.




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