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IKP pioneering Dual Degree Program between UPM and IPB

SERDANG, January 26th - Institute of Plantation Studies (IKP) hosted an online meeting with a group of professors from IPB University (IPB), Indonesia to discuss a proper mechanism in offering Dual Degree Programme (DDP) between IPB and Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). The memorandum of agreement (MoA) between UPM and IPB regarding DDP is being finalized by both institutions. IKP has been selected by IPB to be the first entity in UPM to start this program. A team from IPB was led by Professor Dr-Eng Taufik Djatna, from the Department of Agro-industrial Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, IPB. While IKP was represented by Professor Dr. Wong Mui Yun (deputy director, IKP), Professor Ts. Dr. Rosnah Shamsuddin, Assoc. Professor Dr. Nazmi Mat Nawi, Assoc. Professor Dr.-Ing. Mohd Noriznan Mokhtar, Ts. Dr. Anas Mohd Mustafah and Ts. Dr. Muhammad Hazwan Hamzah.


During this meeting, it was highlighted that among the objectives of this program is to increase the visibility of both institutions at the international level as well as to provide a platform for research collaboration between the institutions.  As a result, several research programs related to agricultural technology and processing were identified as the focus of this program.  Potential supervisors from both institutions have also been identified to run this program. The requirements for students to join this program such as scholarship, accommodation, tuition fees, and credit transfer were also discussed.


Date of Input: 31/01/2024 | Updated: 31/01/2024 | ainzubaidah


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